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hosted call center solution

AA VEER WBC Consultant (India)

We are based in Gujarat-India and have more than 3 years of expreience in Asterisk solutions. Support and instalation for all asterisk projects like SER,VICIDIAL,BILLING,Radius Design,Class5 soft switch.

Services offered are:

  • Installation/maintenance/configuration of Asterisks/FXO cards/IP PBX Servers/VOIP Boxes/PRI cards.
  • Installation/maintenance/configuration of SIP Gateways/E1 Cards,asterisk billling,SER,class 5 soft switch,trafffic management,lad management for carriers tier1 and tier 2.
  • Turnkey Asterisk solutions & Integration of asterisk with anyother VoIP architecture/Audio Codes/Voip Boxes/VOIP min,radius design, gatekeeper billing solution,calling card management for more than 1,00,000 calls /sec.
  • Small, Medium, Large Scale deployments of Asterisk, SER on IAX,H323,H264+,Video Conferencing/Video Emails.
  • Inbound/outbound/Domestic/International DID /Toll free numbers for predictive dialing solution for call centers.
  • Onsite and remote assistance provided worldwide 24x6-300 days from our support centers.

Phone:+91 9825500318
Email: ceo@worldbizconsultant.com

by mahavir, Monday 26 of February, 2007 (12:10:56 UTC)
inConcert Contact Center Solutions

Full featured all-in-one-box contact center solutions interoperating with Asterisk, including: IVR, multimedia capabilities, predictive dialer, scripting, call recording and real time supervision.

by jguridi, Tuesday 03 of October, 2006 (19:51:17 UTC)
TC-PC, LLC Memphis TN

Memphis Tennessee Asterisk deployments, network design and troubleshooting.


by tcpc, Tuesday 11 of July, 2006 (20:22:40 UTC)
Euronet Hungary Informatical PLC.

Please add our company to this list!
We make system planning, installing and supporting Asterisk PBX. We develop callcenter and other application for Asterisk.
Thank you!

Company's information:

Euronet Hungary Informatical PLC.
Vaci ut 168/A.
Tel.: 003612709500
E-mail: info@euronetrt.hu
Fax.: 003612709510

by IstvanPalyi, Wednesday 22 of March, 2006 (10:27:49 UTC)

Please add us as a Asterisk supplier:

Tennessee Supplier of Asterisk systems and services:

IP Spectrum, LLC

by jekimble, Monday 31 of October, 2005 (18:32:55 UTC)
Supplier Netherlands

We are supplier of the Astium pbx for the Netherlands and Belgium. For more information please check astium

by neonova, Wednesday 16 of February, 2005 (09:33:13 UTC)

We are a systems integrator in Argentina currently working with Asterisk.

Suipacha 119 Piso 1.
+5411-5217-1295Buenos Aires Argentina

by , Sunday 07 of November, 2004 (23:58:55 UTC)

We are a systems integrator in Argentina currently working with Asterisk.

by , Sunday 07 of November, 2004 (23:56:47 UTC)
Supplier in Brazil

Please add this supplier in Brazil, and Digium reseller:
+55 11 2164-9999
by , Friday 15 of October, 2004 (03:55:51 UTC)
Michigan (U.S.) Supplier

Michigan Supplier of Asterisk systems/services and Digium reseller:
Robinson Systems Inc., www.robinsonsystems.com, sales@robinsonsystems.com, 989 843 0092

by , Monday 27 of September, 2004 (23:24:52 UTC)