Workforce Management (WFM)

Workforce Management or WFM has quickly become an essential responsibility for any efficient business. One of the more common automated methods of Workforce Management is WFM software.

Workforce Management Software commonly revolves around the management of employees and their: payroll & benefits, HR administration, time & attendance, career succession, talent management, training management, performance management, forecasting, scheduling, and production oversight, but is not limited specifically to this.

WFM Software has recently entered the VoIP landscape, where vendors are utilizing VoIP to increase the versatility of contact centers workforce management. WFM with VoIP allows managers to oversee contact center employees regardless of their physical location, whether it be onshore, offshore, or at-home.

WFM is more or less anything and everything that promotes the management of employees in an attempt to foster a more efficient and productive workplace.

Workforce Management And Job Assignment Using Voice XML

Workforce management and automatic job scheduling can be performed using call processing solutions. Managers can call an 800 specifying the number and skill set of needed workers. Using VoiceXML messaging, this information can be relayed to the company and the appropriate employees or contractors can be called using voice broadcasting and IVR technology. Workers who are contacted in this manner can accept or decline the job and this process can be repeated until the jobs have been filled.

800 numbers can also be provided to employees to check on employment opportunities and job openings. Workers can select jobs from those listed by using phone keypad responses.

Commercial WFM Vendors

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