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Web page not displaying

I am facing problem when the number of rercording files exceeded 55555 , nothing displayed on the Recording web page. After removing the files from the recording folder web page start diplaying properly.
Is there any limitaion?

by vineet_rai, Monday 10 of December, 2007 (13:25:10 UTC)

Asterisk can record dictation. See http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/index.php?page=Asterisk+cmd+Dictate

by zcw100, Thursday 22 of March, 2007 (03:29:23 UTC)
Channels out of sync on long recordings

I record 1 hour long phone sessions using automon in asterisk-1.2.13, and as you listen to the mixed recording, my (internal) side gets ahead of the remote side of the conversation.. It's kind of funny to hear myself answering questions before they were asked, but it gets annoying. After 1 hour the offset is probably almost 10 seconds.
I haven't figured out how to control how and whether the in and out actually get mixed, so I am not sure if there is anything I can do about it.
Any ideas, anyone? Has anyone seen this behavior? Could this be a sox problem or would the two original wav files have to be different length for this to happen? How could that happen?

by akomakom, Wednesday 28 of February, 2007 (16:06:50 UTC)
Cannot download recordings

Hi Mojo,

I love the php based recoding interface it is just what I have been looking for. I am only having one problem with it.
When you try to download, it opens the wav file in the browser and shows all the code on the page instaed of promting where to save it.

looks like this

RIFFd?WAVEfmt @?>data@? ࿀ ࿠?࿀࿀ @@ ࿠? ࿀ ࿀? ࿠? ࿀?`@ ࿠?࿠??@@ @ @ @ ࿀? @ ?࿠? @ @@ ࿠?࿠? @ @ ࿀ ࿀?࿀ ࿠? @@@ ࿠?? @ ࿀ @ ࿀࿠?@@@࿠? `?? ࿠?࿠?`@࿠?? ࿀??@`@ ࿀ @ @@@???? @@@??࿀? @@ ࿠??࿀࿀࿠?࿠? ࿀??@@@ ࿀??࿠?????@࿠? @ ࿠?࿠? @@ @ @ ࿠?࿀? ࿀?```࿠?@@࿀?????@` ࿠? ࿀? ࿀ @``@ ࿠? ??? @࿀??࿠? @ `` ???࿀@`??` @ ࿠?? ?࿀ ????࿀࿀
If you try to do a save target as it just saves the dl.htm Could you offer any advice?

by bwilks, Monday 14 of August, 2006 (01:40:09 UTC)
soxmix comes in sox package

at least on my distribution, when I install the sox package, a binary called soxmix gets installed as well. I was referring to the soxmix binary, not the sox package. This is the binary I use to manually mix files. I may be wrong in doing this, but it works great for me. This binary is _not_ identical to the sox binary, but as I'm not sure whether asterisk uses sox or soxmix, I will presume sox can do it as well and that's what you meant ;)

by mrmoj, Wednesday 04 of January, 2006 (18:17:42 UTC)
finding if call recording is 'on' for an extension

Is there a way to find out if call recording is turned on or not for a particular extension? Also, how long it has been recording, or the time when the call started?
Thanks in advance for your help.

by sg, Friday 16 of September, 2005 (18:36:27 UTC)
Re: Can asterisk recod dictations?

use Asterisk cmd Monitor for this purpose

by dzlabing, Tuesday 24 of May, 2005 (13:19:47 UTC)
Can asterisk recod dictations?

Can asterisk recod dictations? Just like most dictation software?

by mescueta, Sunday 30 of January, 2005 (23:47:45 UTC)

Please refer to "sox" as sox, and not "soxmix", which is a misleading and confusing name. No one calls sox "soxmix", sox is the name of the application used to do mixing, and the webpage is called "sox" as well.

Calling something by an incorrect (or perhaps obsolete name) is not helping anyone....


by , Wednesday 29 of September, 2004 (01:09:24 UTC)