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Membername for 1.4

For the 1.4 branch AddQueueMember adds one more option (the above information applies to 1.2). AddQueueMember(queuename[|interface[|penalty[|options[|membername]]]])
membername: Name of the member to be added. This option makes the log lines appear with 'membername' rather with the 'interface' (eg SIP/100).

by punkgode, Monday 24 of March, 2008 (16:25:27 UTC)
AddQueueMember automatically logs you in

It's not made clear here, but AddQueueMember will "log the agent in" so if you join a queue with AddQueueMember, you do not have to AgentCallBacklogin first.

by , Tuesday 26 of October, 2004 (21:50:55 UTC)