Asterisk sip limitonpeers

Typically needs to be set to 'yes' in Asterisk 1.4 or 1.6.0.x in order for hints/sip subscriptions/BLF to work as expected.

note: it is limitonpeer, without s!


Default is 'no'; this setting applies to the [general] section of sip.conf.

Apply call limits on peers only. This will improve status notification when you are 'using type=friend' inbound calls, that really apply to the user part of a friend will now be added to and compared with the peer limit instead of applying two separate call limits, one for the peer and one for the user. "sip show inuse" will only show active calls on the peer side of a "type=friend" object if this setting is turned on.


In Asterisk 1.4, there's an option called "limitonpeer" that will make sure that both incoming and outgoing calls are accounted for.
By default a subscription only checks the peer part of a SIP type=friend. However, with limitonpeer set to 'yes' Asterisk only uses the peer call counter for both incoming and outgoing calls.

In Asterisk 1.6.0 beta, there's an additional setting for setting a busy level, allowing for a few more calls while still busy - in order to allow call transfers while on the phone. In Asterisk SVN trunk (1.6.1) the user object is removed and the problem doesn't exist any more.

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