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Re: How to log off

hi guys, log off doesn't appear to work when I setup this extension
we logged the guys in like this...

exten => 301,1,AgentCallbackLogin(301|${CALLERIDNUM}@local)
exten => 302,1,AgentCallbackLogin(302|${CALLERIDNUM}@local)
exten => 303,1,AgentCallbackLogin(303|${CALLERIDNUM}@local)
exten => 304,1,AgentCallbackLogin(304|${CALLERIDNUM}@local)

exten => 333,1,AgentCallbackLogin(|${CALLERIDNUM}@local)

extension 333 was for logging them out?

by synaptic, Wednesday 08 of June, 2005 (01:22:03 UTC)
How to log off

- call the extension for AgentCallbackLogin
- enter your password followed by #
- when asked for the extension number just press #

You will hear a voice prompt that confirms that the agent has been logged off.

by , Thursday 27 of November, 2003 (20:19:51 UTC)
This needs a bit more info

Unlike with AgentLogin the agent is not constantly off-hook (on-line). Instead the agent will be called at the designated extension when a new queue caller has been assigned to him. The agent goes off-hook and must confirm with # that she is ready to take the call (it might be smart to include this instruction in the optional queue announcement). Press * to hang-up on the caller.

Sample CLI notice:
"Local/ext@default-89d6,1 answered, waiting for '#' to acknowledge"

by , Thursday 27 of November, 2003 (20:15:02 UTC)