Interdialog Lite is the part of Interdialod Call Centre Solutions. Interdialog lite is best suited for small and medium sized organisations. Interdialog Lites constitutes of predictive dialer, voice logger, data base manager, voice logger, easily customizable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and much more.

It is built on the state of the art technology and is used my many organisations. We believe that one needs to adopt according to the situations, so we have developed a dialer which works according to the situations. Our dialer keeps learning and automatically keeps adjusting itself to give you enhanced productivity. Its auto learning feature ensures you get the maximum number of contacts. It is very flexible and easily customizable. It easily filters out the non productive calls such as Answering Machine, dead numbers, Fax Machines etc, so you do not waste time and resource on filtering data.

The dialer can be used for all outbound campaigns. And you can run any number of campaigns at once. It can also be used for inbound centres. It can also be integrated very easily with any existing setup. It can be easily deployed across multple locations and have the control at one place.

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