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Would the user group be open for anyone to attend? I'm one half of a telecommunications recruiting team and we'd like to attend . Any day works for us we'll keep checking the website for updates

by sphilips, Monday 18 of June, 2007 (21:36:28 UTC)

Ok.. we have interest.. Shall we get started?

by brettnem, Wednesday 20 of July, 2005 (18:55:08 UTC)
Open Space Austin

Greetings, I'm President of the Association For Community Networking http://www.afcn.org. (A volunteer driven organization.) Several of us are very committed to promoting VoIP.

We'll be convening "Open Space Austin" at the end of April, to forge a strategic agenda for 5 sectors of Community ICT: Community Wireless, Media, Networking, Technology and Informatics. I'll have more info available in a few days,but I would love to have those who are interested and experienced in VoIP attending.

Also, I am interested in forming or finding a VoIP SIG in Chicago or Illinois, and would love to here of your experience and that of Atlanta.



by Tropology, Wednesday 02 of March, 2005 (08:20:17 UTC)
John Ellis, Hostway Datacenter Services

Myself and many of my staff would be interested in participating in a local VUG here in Austin and can provide sponsorship in the form of a meeting place in our facility and hosting a site. We use Asterisk on a global basis (thus the Chicago phone number below).(:biggrin:)

John Ellis, General Manager
Hostway Datacenter Services
501 Waller Street
Austin, TX 78702

work - 312.416.0340 x234

by hostwaydcs, Sunday 26 of December, 2004 (13:17:41 UTC)
Ron Magnuson, Acoustics for Communicaitons

I an audio engineer and was chair of the TIA working group that wrote ANSI/TIA/EIA-810A "Transmission Requirements for Narrowband VoIP and PCM Digital Wireline Telephones" . I was also chair of the group that wrote TIA-920, the voice requirements for wideband digital telephones.

I can attend almost any work day.

Ron Magnuson

by , Wednesday 08 of December, 2004 (04:34:15 UTC)
Atlanta VoIP Special Interest Group

I run a VoIP Special Interest Group here in Atlanta. Perhaps I could be of some assistance to you. We got off the ground last year and I can let you know how we did it. I also may be able to help with speakers and sponsors etc that we have had/used here in Atlanta.

In exchange, I want to find out more about what is happening with the VoIP scene in Austin.

Steve Zimba
email: stevezimba@yahoo.com
cell: 404-358-7233

by , Thursday 11 of November, 2004 (18:45:55 UTC)
Frank Landavazo

I can attend almost any work day, after 6pm.

by , Tuesday 22 of June, 2004 (20:07:48 UTC)