Asterisk phone LIPZ4

How to configure Asterisk for LIPZ4 1.3.11

Asterisk configuration

In this sample configuration, represents the Asterisk server and is the client running the free LIPZ4 softphone client.

Configure Asterisk to accept registration and inbound calls in sip.conf like this:


The free version of LIPZ4 does not support setting the authentication password from the UI, but if
you enter it directly to /usr/local/zultys/mp4_flash.cfg file (AUTH_PASSWORD=secret), it will use it for authentication.

The LIPZ4 configuration is rather awkward, so you should follow closely the instructions in the downloadable PDF quickstart guide (or you can set it up directly through its config file).
The following parameters have to be set.

Outbound proxy:
Registrar Server:
Device ID: zultys

After setting the parameters LIPZ4 should restart, and Asterisk's console should display:

Registered SIP 'zultys' at port 5060 expires 3600

Now you should be able to use the LIPZ4 soft phone.

If, after installation, the the LIPZ4 application does not start, add the following line to /usr/local/zultys/softphone:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/zultys/kylix3/bin

Tóth István, 2004-03-13

Please note
This configuration does not take NAT into consideration. To do that, read the Asterisk FAQ on SIP and NAT.
Also, remember that in CVS version of asterisk (post 20/4/05) in sip.conf's section of Zultys set




of stable asterisk has been removed

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