Discussion: Asterisk variables

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More variables than that

There are many more variables available to users, from the command line typing show channel <channelname> you can see a complete list of variables available.

by sverre, Tuesday 03 of March, 2009 (05:44:43 UTC)
Alternate for DNID function

I am not sure if it works in all situations, but I was able to get the actual dialed number information from the SIP header using the following command:

exten => s,1,NoOp(${SIP_HEADER(TO)})

by _pd, Saturday 04 of March, 2006 (19:41:17 UTC)

Under Asterisk 1.0.x, substrings of the first N chars could be represented as ${variable::N}.
Under Asterisk 1.2.x, such substrings must be represented as ${variable:0:N}.

by jlewis, Monday 09 of January, 2006 (20:24:57 UTC)