1videoConference - Open source web2.0 video conferencing software for Asterisk

VMukti http://www.vmukti.com (formerly known as 1Videoconference)

VMukti became one of the world's firsts to launch open source Web2.0 audio/ video conference call software vmukti for Asterisk with support for internet & telephony user videos.

VMukti is open source P2P Web2.0 audio/video tele conference software for Asterisk with support for internet & telephony user videos. This VoIP and VVoIP technology is based on WinFX, XAML, and .NET 3.5 .

Vmukti has recently been profiled by one of the top 100 innovations of India by NASSCOM. More details: http://www.nasscom.in/100itinnovations .

Recently, In its latest news letter SourceForge has named VMukti as one of the top 25 projects.

Popular technology blog site TechCrunch reviewed VMukti alpha version.

ITWire Australia called VMukti "Strangely-named but very hot". VMukti was ranked 6th of Top 10 Open Source Apps.

David M Williams further writes "Where vMukti offers great value is in allowing two or more Internet-connected people to work together through the one web site."

Complete Story can be found here: http://www.itwire.com.au/content/view/13030/53/1/5/.

Vmukti is continuously ranking as Most Active project under VoIP category on SourceForge https://sourceforge.net/projects/vmukti

Some of the collaborative conferencing features of VMukti supports:

Multiple Instance of Meeting
Asterisk for Video Communication
Video Conferencing
Audio conferencing
FMS for Video Communication
Native Multi-point Video Communication server
Content management system supporting module uploads, page designs etc.,
Online Co-Authoring
Remote Desktop Controlling
Remote Desktop Monitoring
Remote Desktop sharing
Online File Sharing
Online File Searching
Online Presentation
Web Link
Online Whiteboard

In near future, I intend to bring out a major version of VMukti that is completely based on P2P architecture, thus reducing the load and resource requirements like bandwidth and processing power on server as well as requiring no firewall tweaking. I am implementing the recently popular "HOLE-PUNCHING" technique to get around the NAT-ing issue. P2P video conferencing will offer much better quality and speed as compared to client-server-client model.

We have long way to go from here. For details on our roadmap etc, please visit VMukti @ Sourceforge.


OS: Windows Vista/ 2003/ XP
Database: MS SQL Server Express 2005
Webserver: IIS 6/ IIS 7
Client (Browser): Internet Explorer-6/7, Mozilla 2.0/Later
Other: Asterisk, .NET framework 3.0/3.5 RC1

Known Issues

Please check the tracker at https://sourceforge.net/projects/vmukti/ for known issues associated with VMukti.

Hope this software helps solve your most advanced collaboration needs.

For further details, please contact us at contact @ vmukti.com or visit VMukti or VMukti

Thank You!

Copyright 2007 VMukti Solutions Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved.

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