2N Helios IP Uni

2N Helios IP Uni

Door Intercom

IP intercom, preferably SIP based, as 2N Helios IP Uni truly is, provides the same functionality as any IP telephone. That gives the user great options of using of the door intercom within local IP telephony system, with no need for dedicated internal units for door telephony. Just in contrary, it provides all functionalities of IP telephony, such as call redirecting or mobility extension.

Product description
2N Helios IP Uni is a versatile simple door telephony device. Based on standart SIP protocol, it is very easy to incorporate into any SIP based IP telephony system. Control is intuitive, and high quality construction in a practical design ensures the device is sufficiently durable and resistant to external influences.

Main benefits

  • Simple installation
  • Universal switch output
  • Use of existing LAN/WAN network
  • Web interface for configuration
  • Central administration tool

LR_2N Helios_IP_UNI_2 Buttons_FromLeft.jpg

For more see 2N website

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