2N NETSTAR Communication system

2N NETSTAR PBX is a digital branch PBX of a new generation, which natively supports VoIP technology.
It works like a regular digital PBX and VoIP soft switch and fully supports services.
It enables the use of a range of interfaces, such as analogue telephone lines, ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI and VoIP.
The features of the individual networks are not separated, but instead integrated into a single compact system.

2N NETSTAR can also be used as a virtual PBX - key benefit is no need of MSC (mobile switch) upgrading and settings, Mobility Extension (phone call transfer from a mobile as if from a land line!), Receptionist's functions, IVR, Call monitoring and many more functions. Contact sales@2n.cz for more information

Features of 2N NETSTAR PBX
  • Up to 13 ISDN PRI interfaces
  • Up to 72 ISDN BRI trunks
  • Up to 212 analog FXO trunks
  • Up to 424 analog extensions with CLIP displays
  • SIP protocol for VoIP
  • VoIP board
  • Powerful and efficient Least Cost Routing (LCR)
  • External support of number portability database
  • Almost unlimited number of GSM channels with shut down function
  • Direct SMS support via SMTP protocol
  • 100Base T LAN interface
  • Call detail records/statistics with large storage capacity and WEB access for summary support
  • GPRS for remote control support
  • Secure WEB based configuration and maintenance with integrated SNMP agent
  • Easy and quick installation


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