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2N Telekomunikace (based in Prague, in the Czech Republic) which belongs to leading telecom manufacturer, tries to keep pace with latest innovations and trends. As all the telecom world “goes VoIP�, 2N has enhanced it’s portfolio with VoIP products as well.

One of 2N VoIP products which have been recently launched also belongs VoIP-GSM Gateway, so called VoiceBlue Enterprise.

The VoiceBlue Enterprise is a product from GSM Gateways family. It is a GSM VoIP Gateway supporting SIP and H.323 at the same time. It is a complementary product to any SIP or H.323 based IP PBX and can also be used as a substitute to any SIP based IP PBX because the SIP proxy server can be included.
The VoiceBlue Enterprise fixed cellular terminal can be used not only as a gateway to GSM but also a protocol translator between the SIP and H.323 environments (the scheme below). As VoiceBlue Enterprise uses the Siemens MC75 module, it is capable of data transfer (GPRS and EDGE technologies are implemented) and therefore can serve as a gateway from your LAN to the Internet. A firewall is embedded to provide maximum security.
There is an option of SMS sending and receiving through a web or SMTP/POP3 interface. If an external USB hard disc is added, VoiceBlue can serve as an SMS server for SMEs as well.
All these features can be active and physically used at the same time. The whole system can be supplied as a "puzzle", which means that the customer chooses only the features he wants to have in the gateway. The customer shall pay no money for the features that he doesn't need.
More information can be downloaded on www.2n.cz/voiceblue-enterprise

As mentioned, 2N can offer also other products with VoIP interfaces. One of them is also GSM VoIP gateway, so called VoiceBlue. The VoiceBlue GSM VoIP gateway is SIP based one with outstanding features such as SMS sending and receiving, least cost routing, CallBack etc.

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