3010 ATA

I have been using the Virbage/Freshtel 3010 ATA for almost 2 years now. I am surprised at lack of information about it online. I should say there is a lack of IAX ATA's to start with. Personally i iike iAX over sip , from a security/network administer's point it makes sense to open a single port . Recently the 3010 ATA started giving me a bit of trouble , the devices goes offline for no apparent reason. When i look at the ATA the light is green but as soon as i dial a number it goes red. Asterisk tells me it suddenly became unreachable and i can't even access the webpage of the ATA. The only way it works is by power cycling it . Anyone got any better ideas let me know. And i hate the auto update factor and where are the firmwares ?


Created by: boneym, Last modification: Mon 19 of Nov, 2007 (00:35 UTC)
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