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3CX is an open standards software PBX that works with popular SIP trunk providers and IP phones to allow you to setup a complete IP PBX with a complete unified communications feature set. 3CX is well known for its easy installation and management; setup is concluded within minutes and it's available on premise or in the cloud.

On-Premise or in the Cloud - Get you Free PBX Today!

The on premise version of 3CX can be installed on Windows or Linux and can be virtualized using VMware or Hyper-V. For smaller offices with no server available 3CX can even be installed on a low cost MiniPC as a PBX Appliance. Try the on-premise version free here.

With 3CX’s 8-step deployment tool, PBX Express, configuring the PBX in the cloud is as easy as pie. Choose between hosters such as Google, Amazon, OVH, 1&1 and any Openstack Linux VPS Provider, using your own cloud account. After completion you get a free cloud PBX for one year. Try the PBX Express tool here.

3CX Features in a nutshell

Apart from easy installation and management 3CX is also a zero admin and highly secure PBX. Many aspects of running a PBX are automated; security, backup and restore, update management and failover are all automatically managed by 3CX.

3CX is setting the standard in PBX security. The inbuilt security includes automatic generation and management of SSL certificates, voice traffic encryption via SRTP, traffic to the 3CX clients is encrypted via SBC, provisioning of phones is done via uaCSTA and much more.

In addition to all the advanced features and options on the management side of things 3CX does not hold back when it comes to Unified Communications features. It includes softphones for Mac and Windows, smartphone clients for iOS and Android, an intuitive web client, instant chat, integrated WebRTC video conferencing, Click2Call, CRM integrations, CTI and advanced call center features.

Available in Free, Standard, Pro and Enterprise editions, 3CX's offering can accommodate for any type and size of business.

3CX's customers include some of the world's leading companies and organizations such as Boeing, Wilson, Mitsubishi Motors, Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts, Harley Davidson, City of Vienna and Pepsi. By maintaining a global presence with offices in the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Mexico,Brazil,Hong -Kong, Australia and more 3CX can satisfy companies' telecommunications needs all around the globe.

Vendor information

3CX Official Website
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Training & Certification

3CX provides numerous product training opportunities online and on location. An online training course which allows partners to become 3CX certified is provided at no charge at 3CX Academy. 3CX Partners and administrators that wish to receive official certification can take the online certification test for free here.

Working together with distributors, 3CX also organizes free regular training events worldwide. For the latest events check the 3CX blog.


3CX Phone System is supported in several ways:
3CX Forums - The free edition is supported via the 3CX Community forums.
Support packages - For the commercial edition, support packages are available.


Compatible IP Phones:

The latest list of phones directly supported by 3CX can be found at:
IP phone configuration guides for 3CX Phone System

Compatible SIP Trunks

The below SIP Trunk providers have successfully passed the 3CX interop test and can be automatically configured with 3CX.
United States
United Kingdom
New Zealand

For a complete list, including all countries, with supported SIP Trunk providers please go here.

Where to Buy

Official 3CX Partners - Official list of 3CX resellers and distributors.


3CX Help & Documentation
3CX Docs & FAQ
3CX VoIP How To
3CX Blog
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