480i Busy lamp field BLF support

As of firmware release 1.3.0 the Aastra 480i has provided BLF (Busy Lamp Field) support.

There are a few steps to setting this up with Asterisk

  1. Add a hint for each phone you wish to have monitored
  2. Add the proper "Subscribecontext" entries to sip.conf
  3. Configure the Soft buttons on the subscribing phones
  4. Rebooting each phone


1. Hint setup

Add a hint entry to for every phone you want to monitor to your extensions.conf

exten => 1001,hint,SIP/1001 ; John Doe

2. Subscribecontext

Add a Subscribecontext entry to the sip config of each phone you wish to configure BLF buttons in your sip.conf


3. Configure each phone you wish to monitor one or more phones

Configure one or more soft buttons using either the Web interface or the config files. Keep in mind that this can be done in either aastra.cfg or <mac>.cfg.

softkey2 type: blf
softkey2 label: "John Doe"
softkey2 value: 1001

For the 9133i

prgkey5 type: blf
prgkey5 value: 1001

4. Reboot each phone you configured with BLF buttons

This is kind of a gotcha, the phone only properly subscribes to the hint after it reboots. It may be that this would happen over time but if you want instant results you need to reboot.


See the Aastra 480i Admin Guide for some BLF info

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