800 Number

Toll Free or "800" Numbers are programmed by a

Responsible Organization: RESPORG.

Toll Free Number and Service Providers (alpha sequence)

  • 1Pipe Telecom | OnePipe is a licensed carrier providing Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking in over 60 countries. We have regional network facilities on five continents connected across our private network. Toll-Free numbers are available in 60 countries.
  • ComCanada Communications CRTC Registered, Provider of Hosted PBX, DID service, Toll Free, equipment sales, consulting, and retail/wholesale origination & termination. Supported Protocols: SIP & IAX 1-877-697-VOIP
  • Database Systems Corp. 800 Phone Answering Services- offers IVR products that answer 800 and toll free numbers: provides IVR systems, IVR Software and Hosted IVR services.
  • DIDLive provides USA/Canada Toll Free Numbers delivered over VoIP. No cost for channels, only a flat Per Minute Cost. Contact DIDLive for details at www.didlive.com or 1-212-901-0800
  • DIDWW The Source for Local, National, Mobile DIDs and Toll-Free Virtual Numbers Worldwide. Please download and review our Wholesale Toll Free Coverage and Pricelist.
  • Easy Office Phone offers toll free service with our virtual pbx platform.
  • FonAngle Hosted PBX - Offers Toll free services (including Vanity orders) in the United States, Canada and select International destinations via our Hosted PBX or SIP Trunking platform.
  • Hosted Toll Free Numbers provides call forwarding to Toll-Free Numbers or Local Phone Numbers for your business or personal use. Offers call tracking, recording, and Google Analytics integration.
  • IP Communications - IP800 Toll Free Service provides IP Delivered Toll-Free Numbers for your Business or VoIP Service. We offer the absolute lowest toll free pricing.
  • LES.NET Toll Free SIP is available from http://les.net/
  • MetroTel is an independent RESPORG. MetroTel also offers toll free service and calling card hosting.
  • SellVoIP offers Toll-Free services for $1.00 per month, 2 cents per minute. Always numbers in stock to choose from.
  • sip-happens.com Let us terminate your toll free SIP calls for FREE! We now support G.729! Example: exten => _1800NXXXXXX,1,Dial(SIP/tollfree.sip-happens.com/${EXTEN})
  • Toll Free SIP Gateway - US, Canada and Internationale Toll Free numbers. Offering compensation for Toll Free 1-(8xx) Termination. Provide toll free numbers to individuals, businesses and enterprise customers. Many different plans to choose from. Guaranteed to give you the most competitive rate then any other Toll Free provider. Also provides retail and wholesale termination with a full A-Z.
  • Vitelity Communications provides all 8xx numbers at competitive prices as well as wholesale sip, SMS, and FAX services
  • VoicePulse provides 888,877 and 866 toll free numbers. Ability to receive international calls, no charge porting and a price match guarantee if you're switching providers.
  • VoIP Innovations VoIP Innovations is a wholesale carrier of toll-free services. Our service includes multi-carrier redundancy, call failover, and a low per minute rate of $.015/minute.

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