8ix Zenith CE


8ix Zenith CE spells an Asterisk derived IP Telephony application with the most advanced calling and communication features.

When you want communication at its finest, without the humongous cost and recurring bill that comes with the way you do business freely, 8ix Zenith Community Edition addresses your every communication needs.

Why 8ix Zenith CE?

Evolving IP Telephony Application
  • 8ix Zenith CE's development structure is based on a rolling-release model
  • Keeps your system synchronized with the latest stable Linux applications offered from pure upstream sources and independent of whatever release one would like to use or is already using.

Up-to-date Technology
  • Includes a lot of the newest Linux features and applications available, including modern filesystems, hardware detection methods as well as the latest available Linux Kernel i.e. 2.6.29
  • EXT4 and BTRFS are modern filesystems for Linux which includes many new features like online defragmentation, support for larger disks, and increased performance speed over any filesystem
  • Building upon the latest version of Asterisk 1.6.2 on 8ix Zenith CE introduces new features, like video support plus 4x higher performance than previous Asterisk versions which enables the system to handle more simultaneous calls and maximize transcoding power
  • The OSLEC Echo Canceller, a very high-quality echo canceller that can surpass even the commercial ones, is likewise built right into the system and available for use.
  • The DAHDI interface for the FXO/FXS cards is already built-in with 8ix Zenith CE

Development Friendly Platform
  • Guarantees a flexible and simple development and integration system for you to extend and mold.
  • Utilizes port-like package management system that provides binaries or source-code installation.

Easy to Install and Manage Distro
  • 8ix Zenith Easy Mode Installation steps and configuration are sensibly built for quick deployment of the VoIP system. All you need to do is add and connect your ipphone, handset and/or softphone of choice
  • 8ix Zenith CE's Web GUI is designed to enable management and system handling a breeze

Socially Responsible Collaboration
  • Environment Friendly application due to its fastboot installation and lowers power consumption
  • The 8ix Zenith CE is Optimized for i686/x86-64
  • Supporting the cause of the new Linux Kernel on 2.6.29
  • Cost Efficient and ensures productivity for those who will use it.


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