From the 8x8 website:

8x8 offers three product lines:

1. Telephones, videophones and communication services that work over broadband IP networks;
2. Voice and video semiconductors and related software;
3. Software that implements a private branch exchange (PBX) system that enables a business to run its phone system over the same data network it uses for internet access.

8x8 runs Packet8. The ATA used is either a DTA310 (one line) or a BPA410 (two line). BPA410 is an OEM branded version of the Leadtek Research BVA8052D

They OEM the DV325 IP Desktop Videophone from Leadtek Research which appears to only be available with Packet8 service for approx: $600.

Here is a thread on a bbs that discusses the video phone.


  • 2004-06-15 - * 8x8 Announces First Enhanced 911 (E911) Service for Residential Voice Over IP (VoIP) Press Release
  • 2004-06-14 - 8x8 Teams with Level 3 to Enhance Residential VoIP Services PRNewsWire

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