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8x8 is a well known VoIP (Voice over IP) service provider that stands out among its peers as a company with integrity and respect for its customers. With a heavy emphasis on customer satisfaction and ease of use, 8x8 employees do everything they can to make sure that their tailored VoIP packages for businesses around the world are well maintained and functioning smoothly.

At the core of 8x8's business practices are their quality assurance programs. With all US based call customer care centers for email, instant messaging, and phone services they have put forth quite a bit of effort to prove that their customers are the number one priority. Ensuring that customers are content and well taken care of, the ultimate goal is for the consumer to not have any concerns with their VoIP service. This is evident by one of their customer statements claiming "Our 8x8 phone system is kind of invisible because it just works. 8x8 is exceedingly reliable - no care or feeding required!" With enormous corporate customers like McDonalds and Allstate Insurance, 8x8 has shown they offer a terrific service at a reasonable cost that can be counted on when it matters.

An emphasis on customer care and quality service would mean nothing without a reliable product that is easy to use, and 8x8 delivers. As a company providing a professional service, they've gone above and beyond by ensuring customers don't have to worry about anything other than their own business. With the entire bundle of different applications combined into one simple suite, available as apps for most smart phones or tablets, they have done everything possible to make sure access to their VoIP service is wide ranging and simple.

With a healthy combination of philosophies regarding customer care over multiple arenas, pricing methods are always a major concern for businesses looking for effective methods of communication. 8x8 looks at pricing a little differently when compared to other VoIP providers. Rather than have a set list of packages available with set prices and terms, 8x8 wants to work with the potential customer to ensure they get what they need at a price they can be happy with. The needs of every business are different, and once again the customer care aspects that 8x8 focuses on play a huge roll in how bundles are priced. With the ability for a customer to scale their services in real time to suit their situation lets them tailor precisely the package that works for them. This is a huge difference from most other providers, most of whom have set prices and strict limits or rules to adhere to.

The purchasing of a VoIP service, no matter how pleasant the experience might have been, would be a completely useless gesture if the service did not function properly. Boasting a 99.997% uptime, 8x8 works very hard to create and maintain a sustainable business model in terms of getting the customer what they want exactly when they want it. Combined with an enormous dedication to ensure secure communications, 8x8 has the ability to cater to any types of clients. If a business working with the government is in need of a communications service, their safety and security needs are of paramount importance. 8x8 has security at the forefront of their priorities, being the only company that meets both the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS 140-2) and Federal Information Security Management Act standards. By doing everything possible to protect customer information and communication, their VoIP servers are over qualified in terms of privacy and security.

If any company looking for a new VoIP provider and willing to do a bit of trial and error, 8x8 offers a free 30 day trial. This trial gives general features and will help guide potential customers on their way to finding exactly what solution 8x8 has to offer to the customers needs.

For customers looking for a basic virtual phone service, here are a few perks available:
  • Business and SMS texting
  • Instant messaging
  • Voicemail to email notifications
  • Online call management
  • Apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad
  • US-based support

Going one tier up, the Virtual Office Pro service has a bit more to offer for a negligibly higher price, including all of those available to the basic phone systems service:
  • Web conferencing with video
  • Internet faxing
  • Call recording

The above list is a small showcase of all of the most commonly used features, but there are significantly more available for custom orders to suit the needs of the customer. It can't be emphasized enough that 8x8 wants to work with their customers to make sure they get what they need without having to pay extra for unused features. And if a feature comes to mind after the initial order is placed, adding additional lines or features on the fly is a breeze.

While packaged items seem to take a backseat to custom tailored solutions to potential customers communication needs, 8x8 does also offer general outlines for packages that can be tinkered with.

Unlimited Virtual Office

The unlimited virtual office plan is exactly as the name suggests; a plan offering unlimited interaction between users in a multitude of countries. While not all features of this plan are truly unlimited, this package seems to be the best overall deal for business that have international affiliates in a select few locations.

Metered Extension Plans

For the more cost-wary consumers, the metered extension plan exists offer a fair amount of minutes between The United States and Canada. This method ensures communication is available on demand but not in overwhelming amounts.

Global Extension Plans

With so many businesses and smaller studios having an international presence, the global extension plan could be an optimal choice. With access to over 40 international destination plans, this package is similar to the unlimited virtual office but with a much farther reach and the addition of international calling.

Overall, 8x8 is leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors in that it realizes each customer has their own specific needs. By utilizing different customer service techniques and technical applications, they have hit a very healthy balance of reasonable prices backed up by the theory that their VoIP service should work so well the customer never has to give it any thought.

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