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ACD Systems from Database Systems Corp.

Database Systems Corp. has developed an ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) phone system that automatically routes calls within an organization based upon user defined business rules. DSC offers comprehensive ACD software that is combined with our award winning IVR software and systems for small to large organizations.

The DSC ACD system is available with either our PACER or WIZARD phone systems. Distributing incoming phone calls to the appropriate individual or group of individuals is one of the primary tasks of our intelligent phone systems. When combined with our full featured IVR software, this ACD system becomes a very sophisticated call disrtributing platform for virtually any size organization.

An ACD system generally processes an incoming phone call based upon a first in / first out basis. However, intelligent ACD's such as those provided by DSC can route calls based upon caller identification, dialed number, time of day, and custom defined parameters established in an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) program script.

ACD Technology and Information

The following are terms and information about products and services provided by Database Systems Corp. that relate to automatic call distribution.

  • ACDS - Automatic Call Distribution Systems are phone systems that process incoming calls and routes them to agents.
  • ACD Systems - Same as above. Acd systems are computer phone systems and software used to route incoming calls.
  • ACD Software - Controlling software on the ACD system that manages the phone system as it routes calls.
  • Call Routing - another term for call distribution and as its name implies, call routing sends incoming phone calls to the appropriate agents.

ACD Systems with IVR Features

The following is a list of some of the features of a typical analog ACD phone system (WIZARD):

  • New Office Environment PC (Monitor Optional)
  • New Intel/Dialogic Telephony Card(s)
  • 4, 8, 12, or 24 Analog Line Configurations
  • Modern Windows OS (XP, Vista, etc.)
  • DSC Phone Software
  • Interactive Voice Response Phone Key Input
  • ACD Wizard Software
  • ACD / IVR Reports
  • IVR Software Programming API Library for complete development
  • Database Access and Update using VoiceXML
  • Text To Speech Software (TTS)
  • Screen pop caller information using ANI
  • TDD / TTY Hearing Impaired TDD / TTY Phone device support
  • Call Recording
  • Message Forwarding

ACD Automatic Call Distribution Features

  • Intelligent Skills Based Routing
  • Prioritized call routing
  • DNIS assignment of agent groups
  • Route calls to remote agents
  • GUI interface
  • Unlimited number of agent groups
  • 800 Toll Free phone service
  • Custom messages for each DNIS
  • Call queuing and call routing
  • Web call backs
  • Multimedia support (email, chat, inbound, outbound calls)
  • Alarms for callers in queue
  • Call-back message support
  • Customizable agent screens

ACD System Reports

An ACD and IVR reporting system that analyses the ongoing performance of a calling program is an invaluable management tool. The following call reports demonstrate the reporting capability provided by DSC and its ACD system.

Contact Database Systems Corp.

Contact DSC at (602) 265-5968 or use the following Contact Form.

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