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Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides a comprehensive set of computer telephony (CTI) products and services. One CTI feature is an ACD (Automatic Call Distribution). ACD, which is also refered to as an Automatic Call Distributor, is a CTI phone system component that distributes incoming calls to a specific group of agent workstations. It is often part of computer telephony software and phone systems. When integrated with an IVR software application, an ACD can perform virtually any type of call routing required by an organization's phone system.

ACD Systems

ACD systems are often found in offices that handle large volumes of incoming phone calls from callers who have no specific need to talk to a certain person, but want to talk to a person who is ready to serve at the earliest opportunity. ACD systems. systems can be standalone phone systems or technology embedded within an existing PBX or computer phone system.

Call Routing

Call routing is the task of the ACD system. The system consists of hardware for the terminals and switches, phonelines, and software for the routing strategy. The routing strategy is a rule based set of instructions that tells the ACD how calls are handled inside the system. Most of the time this will be a set that determines the best available employee for a certain incoming call.

To help make this match, extra variables are taken into account, most often to find out the reason why the customer is calling. Most often the number dialed by the caller DNIS is used to route callers to the agents assigned to handle calls to this number. Sometimes the caller's caller ID or ANI is used, while often a simple IVR is used to just ask for the reason. ACD servers can cost anywhere between a few thousand dollars to close to millions of dollars for a very large call center handling thousands of calls per day.

Skills Based Routing

Skills based routing (SBR) is a call assignment strategy that is embedded in our IVR and ACD software. SBR assigns incoming calls to the most suitable agent, rather than simply choosing the next available agent. It is an enhancement to automatic call distributor systems found in many call processing centers. The need for skills based routing has arisen as organizational help desks and call centers have become larger and dealt with a wider variety of calls. For further information, please refer to our IVR Software API routines.

Virtual ACD

A Virtual ACD routes calls to agents that are not physically attached to the PBX or phone system through local lines. Instead, Virtual ACDs route calls using VOIP technology to remote agents who are either working from home or working in remote offices.

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