ADM - Asterisk Desktop Manager

Asterisk Desktop Manager, or ADM for short; The popular open source application which interfaces your VOIP telephony with the desktop and Asterisk PBX.

    • THERE WAS A BUG IN THE 1.3 INSTALLER - If your ADM is complaining it is out of date, then please re-download the V1.3 installer from the website to fix **

It provides some great features!

  • Automatic on-call volume reduction
  • One click dial from clipboard (paste number onto tray icon)
  • Integrated phonebook
  • List/Redirect/Hangup all active calls
  • One click call forward setup
  • Bluetooth presence detection to redirect calls when you walk out of the office
  • Pop up browser on incoming call (integrate with your CRM to auto load customers details when they call)
  • Cisco phone integration (auto speakerphone)
  • Slide-in popup on incoming call, with Answer(cisco only), Hold, Busy and Redirect buttons , CallerID and duration

ADM runs on Windows and Unix and is written in java and uses the eclipse swt library. It is compatible with Linux and Windows and shortly Mac OS X, and runs neatly in the system tray.


Current Version: 1.3

Click here to download the latest version of ADM,

Downloading from SVN

svn co
User: anon
Password: {no password}

Richard Hamnett

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