Analog Display Services Interface

A complex set of standards for the telecom industry. Built off of FSK keying used by CallerID, ADSI is capable of remotely controlling a screenphone with softkeys.

Effectively, session based applications can be used when the phone is online, or scripts can be preprogrammed into the phone for when no ADSI connection has been established (on or off hook).

Originally, this technology was made by Telcos who thought they would use it to offer services to residential customers. They envisioned features such as buying airplane tickets from your screenphone. Adoption has been mixed.

In order to protect their interests, many phones are locked with a security "code" to prevent users from using a phone provided by one company with a competing service. In the past, getting codes for an existing phone was nearly impossible (it is incomprehensible to the support staff that anybody but a telco will be programming said phones). This has changed somewhat, google groups for "ADSI unlock codes". It is still recommended to purchase a "supported" phone from one of the vendors on the Digium website.

Asterisk and ADSI

Asterisk has ADSI support, but it is not well documented. A lot of the ADSI support centers around a Visual Voicemail Interface. The documentation problem is being rapidly addressed. Check back soon!

Asterisk Dialplan Commands

Asterisk ADSI Configuration Files

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