AGX Extra Addons for Asterisk

Due to Asterisk project dual license some usefull code cannot be submitted into the official repository.

I've ported some GPL code from version 1.2 to 1.4 for production use.

This includes:
  • enchanced app_rxfax (app_rxfax)
  • enchanced app_txfax (app_txfax)
  • device state (DevState from Bristuff)
  • Pickup2 (enhanched Pickup, taken from Bristuff)
  • FAX Background detect (nv_background_detect)
  • FAX detect (nv_faxdetect)
  • Valet Parking with HINT support

No patching is required, the source use the same structure as the official addons using an independent build system with a nice XML menutree selection tool. Note that for fully working FAX support you will need at least spanDSP 0.0.4 pre15.

You can find the source via tarball or svn at

I always suggest to use SVN via:

svn co agx-ast-addons

Thanks, Antonio Gallo (AGX)

2009-07-05 - Make sure you use the SVN files if you are compiling against Asterisk 1.4.24 or above - changes in the Asterisk source require the files that are present in the SVN tree for it to work properly. The files on the download page are old and out of date. Also, it now requires SpanDSP 0.0.6pre12 to work properly - you can get those files here:


There is a FreeBSD port also:

Consider updating spandsp-devel port before installing asterisk-agx because it hasn't been tested with spandsp 0.0.4.p3.

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