API Commands

API command reference, partial list

originate <call url> <exten>|&<application_name>(<app_args>) [<dialplan>] [<context>] [<cid_name>] [<cid_num>] [<timeout_sec>]

killchan <uuid>


load <mod_name>

transfer <uuid> <dest-exten> [<dialplan>] [<context>]

pause <uuid> <on|off>

show [<blank>|codec|application|api|dialplan|file|timer|calls|channels]


uuid_bridge <uuid> <other_uuid>

fsctl [hupall|pause|resume|shutdown]

conference commands
conference list [delim <string>]
conference <confname> list [delim <string>]
conference <confname> energy <member_id> [<newval>]
conference <confname> volume_in <member_id> [<newval>]
conference <confname> volume_out <member_id> [<newval>]
conference <confname> play <file_path> [<member_id>]
conference <confname> say <text>
conference <confname> saymember <member_id><text>
conference <confname> stop <[current|all]> [<member_id>]
conference <confname> kick <member_id>
conference <confname> mute <member_id>
conference <confname> unmute <member_id>
conference <confname> deaf <member_id>
conference <confname> undef <member_id>
conference <confname> relate <member_id> <other_member_id> [nospeak|nohear]
conference <confname> lock
conference <confname> unlock
conference <confname> dial <endpoint_module_name>/<destination>
conference <confname> transfer <member_id> <conference_name>

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