The AR1688 is a VOIP chip and associated open source firmware for building low cost single chip IP phones and ATAs.
The AR1688 is the replacement for the PA1688


  • Integrated MCU, the instruction set is compatible with Z80
  • MCU run at 24.576MHz(typical), F/W can program from DC up to 60MHz
  • Internal 116 Kbytes RAM, no external SDRAM needed for most application
  • Up to 4 chip selection for external SRAM, EEPROM or FLASH, each can support 2MB at maximum
  • 24 bits DSP Core
  • 2181-instruction-set compatible DSP co-processor
  • DSP Speed up to 72MIPS
  • Support 24.576MHz OSC with on-chip PLL for DSP
  • Up to 16 general purpose I/O pins
  • High quality 18bits CODEC on chip.
  • One UART port
  • Support real time clock
  • Keypad support (up to 12 keys directly)
  • Maximum voice output: 11mW@16 ohm
  • Internal DC/DC converter to produce CORE voltage, eliminate external LDO
  • Operating Voltage: IO: 3.3v, Core: 1.8v
  • Low Power consumption: <90mW at typical
  • LQFP-100(14x14mm) package


Companies using the AR1688 in their products

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