ASTCC Bounty

Bounties to be paid for ASTCC functionality

If you really want something added to ASTCC, but can't do it yourself and do not want to contract an Asterisk consultants or Digium to do it, there's always an oppurtunity to set up a bounty. Others might add to it and finally there's enough money so that a coder think it's worthwile to work on it.

For each bounty we need one maintainer that is in charge of handling the bounty - alone or with a group of advisors that can judge the contributed code. The maintainer also needs to keep track of each contributor to the bounty to help collecting the fee when it's time to pay.

Please note that most of this page was shamelessly copied from Asterisk Bounty

How to add a bounty:
  • Login (Signup for a free login if you don't have one)
  • View this page
  • Click on the edit tab at the top of the page
  • Add an entry to the list of existing bounties using the same format as the existing bounties
    • For example: ((Asterisk bounty My New Bounty Title)): short one line bounty description
  • Click the save button
  • Now you should see your bounty listed with a ? after it.
  • Click on the ? to create a page for a detailed explanation of the bounty
  • On this page enter:
    • Description of the function requested
    • How to contact the maintainer for this bounty
    • The date this was started
    • The status of the bounty: Open, coding, testing, closed
    • The combined value of the bounty
    • Licensing for the code - I would suggest that all bounties should be disclaimed so they may be candidates for the CVS
  • Click the save button

Don't forget to announce the bounty on the asterisk-dev mailing list

When there's code, open a bug report on the Asterisk bug tracker and attach the code. But not until there's code. The bug tracker handles patches and bug reports primarily.

If you want to work on a feature request

When you want to work on a feature request, first contact the maintainer. The maintainer will explain to you if there's already work going on somewhere and what happens if several people claim the bounty - who will win and under what conditions. This is really up to the maintainer to decide, usually together with the group of people that have added to the original bounty.

Bounties exist on these items:

ASTCC Expiration Bounty: Add ability to have expiration date entered automatically after first-time use of calling card. Choices being in months. CLOSED

ASTCC Maintenance Fee Bounty: Add ability to charge a card a maintenance fee of $x every x days. Would prefer this be configurable via the UI by brand.

ASTCC Call Handling Bounty: Change ASTCC to not hangup but rather to cycle back to the starting point on errors, etc.

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