This version of ASTCC doesn't need Mysql, just the perl module DBD::SQLite (Debian: apt-get install libdbd-sqlite-perl).
It uses the SQLite Database System.


This isn't very well tested or something.

  • mkdir /var/lib/astcc - make it writable for the Webserver (e. g. nobody or www-data)
  • copy astcc-admin.cgi to you cgi-bin diretory
  • copy astcc.agi to /var/asterisk/lib/agi-bin
  • protect the directory where astcc-admin.cgi is with htaccess or something else

ASTCCSQLite doesn't need a config file. By default it creates and uses the database file /var/lib/astcc/astcc.sqlite

For everything else see ASTCC

  • Fixed RLIKE Bug - SQLite has no RLIKE function. Just type in the first digits of the phone number in Routes/pattern you wish to route, don't use unix regex.

Created by: haary, Last modification: Mon 13 of Sep, 2004 (12:45 UTC)
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