ASTELCENTER is a PHP/MYSQL web solution development by ANTARTEL, which allows you to manage and supervise your ASTERISK PBX; generating reports and information in real time so clear and concrete; allows you to generate statistics and graphs: incoming calls, queue, session, outgoing calls, billing, ISP cost, and more; in order to improve the quality of services to their customers.
ASTELCENTER can generate reports by selecting the desired period, based on years, months, days and hours. The information is presented on the screen of your browser and additional can be exported to Excel.


-- Statistics by agents, Queue And Outbound Calls, with totals, averages and percentages
-- Time Activity
-- Calls completed
-- Calls abandoned
-- Call Waiting
-- Time
-- Quality of service
-- Why hung
-- Who hung
-- Top of Frequently telephone calls
-- Top Duration, Agents and Dates ; high volumes of calls processed
-- Listen to recordings MP3 or WAV format
-- Metric preset
-- Calls Details (number, destination,date, tail length, status and channel)
-- Calculate billing for incoming and outgoing calls
-- Order and grouped by hour, day or month
-- Possibility to export to Excel
-- Report outgoing
-- Report Sessions (Login-Logout)
-- Monitor in real time (Inbound - Outbound)
-- Trunk, Providers And Rates Administration
-- Management Groups and Phone Directories
-- Allow you to administrate multiple Asterisk Servers
-- Graphs
-- And more

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