ATA vs PCI card

ATA vs PCI card

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How to use gateway with Asterisk?
  1. Asterisk is a powerful open-source program of IPPBX, which is available at : Its main pusher is Digium Corporation, whose PCI cards, including FXS card, FXO card, BRI card, PRI card, T1 card and E1 card, have become the first choice of most Enthusiasts. Plugged in these cards, a PC can connect the VOIP network and PSTN.
  2. In fact, users can choose a gateway through the SIP ports of Asterisk. Compared to the manner of plug-in cards, using gateway has the features of flexible locations and better vocal quality. And our gateway products, through testing, can carry out all of the Asterisk functions.
  3. The features of using geteway:
  • more flexible locations. You can manage the distribution without PCs.
  • better vocal quality. The gateways use the hardware of DSP, so can acquire a lot better vocal quality when there is substantial telephone traffic.

Why we choose a voip fxo gateway while not a asterisk card?
  1. voice process is a realtime task. PC operate system is not a realtime one. Voip gateway use its own dsp to do voice process while asterisk card use PC CPU to do this. Just like the DVD decode, on heavy task, voip gateway hardware will do better. So we sugguest you to use voip gateway on more than 4 phone line system.
  2. Asterisk PC+ voip gateway model, it is easy to expand to over 100 user. In this scale, you can not plug so many card into one PC.
  3. There are many analog voip gateway producer, the price is cheap, especially for Shang FXO/FXS Gateway fxs.
  4. For FXS voip gateway, interoperate with Asterisk is easy. There are two requirements: one is sip interoperability. The other is DTMF transfer model.
  • If a voip gateway can make call with asterisk, that could to say sip interoperability is ok.
  • If the auto attendant service is ok, that is mean DTMF transfer is ok.. The other things will be no problem.
  • Howerver there are some limits in Asterisk, especially on transcoding.
    • If we use g.711, all is ok. but we are normal use g.723 or g.729. when we want to use conference service. Asterisk need to change codec to G.711.
    • The other things you must be careful. When a call setup successfully, there need call original voip gateway, and also the call termination voip gateway. The interoperation of such two type gateway is also important.
    • For FXO voip gateway, there is a lot of works. Such as the iver play feature, it need to special configed for asterisk.

Why use a gateway with asterisk?
  1. play asterisk ivr with no interuption. when the Shang FXO/FXS Gateway received call from co line, it wouldn't conect instantly.instead, it start call to asterisk ivr first,when the ivr ready, it connect the co line. this feature make user feel friendly.
  2. pbx voip/pstn inteleged route. when you make pbx connect to voip/asterisk, how to make voip more stable. Shang FXO/FXS Gateway could detect the voip quanlity, when voip line failed, it change to pstn line automaticly.
  3. pstn caller number transfer. When pstn call in, the Shang FXO/FXS Gateway start voip call to the asterisk using pstn caller number instead of gateway number.
  4. multy region pstn singal support. By using MindSpeed technology, it integrated many region's pstn singal.
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