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ATL Telecom IP400 SIP Video Phone


Take a look at ATL IP400's page on ATL Telecom's web-site:

Analog video input / output

From ATL Telecom support engineer:

The IP400 uses PAL, it uses the standard 625 lines and should support any connection via Phono/RCA. We have tested the external camera function using a still camera just connecting it to the phone, worked fine. The output we have tested on many TVs including Samsung and JVC as well as an Epson projector.


This phone supports CIF and QCIF.

CIF - Common Intermediate Format, 352Ñ…288 pixels, 7.5, 10, 15 or 30 fps.
QCIF - Quick CIF, 176 x 144, requires a quarter of the bandwidth of CIF.

That is, when you decide a camera to be connected to the phone, you should look at its TeleVisonLines resolution (the amount of vertical lines aligned side-by-side in a single) to be not more than 400 (why do you have to pay more?). Note, that TVLs and lines are different things, don't mess them: PAL implies standard 625 lines, while the amount of TVLs is only up to resolution definition.

Camera is connected via standard RCA connector. Phone has all females.

According to information from ATL support, IP400 RCA inputs and outputs are compatible with consumer line-level signals i.e. ~2V RMS max

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