ATL Telecom IP phones and Asterisk


firmware: ATL v0.1 2005, Oct, 29

here are some tips that made this phone work like it was dedicated for Asterisk:

1) If you use


in modules.conf , check that

is there.

2) If you allow|disallow codecs in sip.conf manually, check that


is there.

3) Bug or what? In ATL's firmware there is a small misunderstanding - you can not set realm on the phone and the phone will send empty realm, so you have to have


in sip.conf

Phone setup

Hint: to change between input modes (digits, letters) use 1aA/SMS key

1) Ent -> IP -> Internet Phone -> User information should be filled in as in appropriate section of sip.conf
2) Ent -> IP -> Internet Phone -> Server Information -> By default, both servers are those free ones from atltelecom. Make sure you change Registrar and Proxy to DNS or IP-address of your IP-PBX.

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