USB Phone:AU-220F

Open SDK USB phone with LCD and Flash Memory inside

AU220F is a USB phone with 32M-1G flash memory and LCD display made by ATCOM Company. With the flash memory and open SDK , customer can put their softphone into it. When au-220F is plugged into the computer the softphone will auto run and controlled by the usb voip phone. It also supports personalized ring tone , has excellent voice quality and rich features. And it supports various softphone such as Skype,VoipBuster, X-lite etc.


  • Key Features
  • PLUG and PLAY with customized softphone
    • Text chat record and call list/history be reserved in the memory of USB phone
    • Friend list display, on-line friends display
    • Friend list, rapid up/down paging function
    • Inquiry of calling history.
    • Statistic of missed calls
    • Caller ID display
    • Supporting multiple languages display.(English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Turkish, Polish, Russian, Italian, **French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic, Thai, Spanish)
    • Auto run function under windows 2000 sp4 , XP and VISTA
    • 32M to 1G flash memory
    • Configurable sizes for read-only and read-writable
    • 22 programmable keys
    • Open SDK for VC++ , Deiphi
    • Customize ring tones.
    • Directly dial Skype, Skypeout number
    • Redial/dial back function
    • Volume adjustable during a call
    • Replacing mouse to operate SKYPE software in computer
    • Humanized operation panel, close to mobile phone operation mode.

  • Hardware
    • Standard USB1.1 connector, Compatible with USB 1.0 and USB2.0
    • Built-in 16 bit sound card
    • LCD backlight four rows display
    • Built-in 32M-1G Flash

  • System Requirement
    • Pentium 400MHz or equivalent
    • Windows 2000, Windows XP and Widows Vista
    • Available USB port (1.0, 1.1 or 2.0)
    • 128M RAM
    • 10M available hard disk space

  • Support
    • Skype
    • Heyyo
    • VoipBuster
    • X-Lite version 3.0
    • X-PRO,X-PRO Vonage
    • eyebeam 1.1
    • X-pro Engin
    • X-Lite with X-Look
    • SJphone 1.3
    • Net2Phone Dialer
    • Net2Phone CommCenter
    • MSN Messenger 7.0
    • MSN Messenger 7.5
    • ICQPhone
    • Yahoo Call Center
    • AIM Phone
    • MediaRing
    • PCPhone
    • IDEFISK 1.37

Contact :

ATCOM technology co.,limited
Address Rm.6A/B,Shangtian building,No.70,Nanyuan Rd., Shenzhen,China
Tel (86)+755-83018469 83018569 83018769
Fax (86)+755-83018319

European Distribution:

VoIPtel We ship worldwide

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