AVAVoIP is a state of the art VoIP billing and routes provisioning system. Designed to cope with complex charging problems AVAVoIP enables service providers to gain flexibility in all areas of the billing process: pricing, rating, invoicing, taxation, settlement, balance management, reporting, revenue assurance and accounting.
Distinctive features of the system are:
  • call area zoning - billing of local, long distance, international, toll free calling;
  • granular Agents Commissioning;
  • comprehensive Taxation;
  • Reseller Partitioning;
  • integrated Data Warehouse.
The system provides Open Web Services APIs for integration into third party systems or CRM portals.
The system has been integrated with Asterisk, YATE open source applications and commercial voice switches to provide a full turnkey package.
The component driven design of the system backend allows for service distribution and redundancy in active/active configurations to acheive excelent scalability and high availability.

Demo Instance (demo/avavoip!)

Product Brochure

Core Components

Main Features

User Roles and Privileges

The component enables granular management of user access privileges.

Core features include:
  • Management access roles
  • Management system users
  • Assign system users’ roles and privileges

Subscription Plans

This component enables the management of different billing packages offered to customers.

Core features include:
  • Unlimited number of subscription plans which can be assigned to many user accounts.
  • Ability to associate Subscription Plans with:
    • multiple tariff tables for call zones
    • custom recurring and non-recurring charges
    • granular per charge assignment of surcharges
    • granular per charge assignment of taxes
    • multiple usage counters (minute buckets)
  • Support of On-Demand billing for hotels, cyber cafes, call shops etc.


This component provides advanced real time Authorization and Accounting functionality.

Core features include:
  • Independent rating engine service developed in C++
  • Can be configured in active/active redundant setup for scalability
  • Manage multiple Tariffs and Destinations tables
  • Support for advanced rating mechanisms - peak/off-peak, time of day, day of month
    • Standard billing methods - connect fee, disconnect surcharge, initial intervals, increment intervals
    • Advanced billing methods – week and weekend, peak and off-peak, tariff start and end date
    • Flexible billing methods – critical balances, credit limits, minimum balance to make calls
  • Integrated mediation engine simultaneously connects switching equipment and processes data from multiple vendors


This component enables end user billing and invoicing based on metered call records, recurring charges or one time charges.

Core features include:
  • Built on powerful Invoice generation and automation engine
  • Manage multiple subscriber plans with billing and payment terms
  • Manage dynamic and static billing cycles
    • Payment grace period and penalty fees
    • Prepaid and postpaid services
  • Enhance account management with billing activities: balance, advanced account payments and adjustment mechanism, invoices and transactions, call authorization parameters etc.

Custom Charges

This component enables management of custom recurring or one time charges.

Core features include:
  • Manage unlimited number of custom charges
  • Set up multiple purchase items with minimum and maximum purchase caps
  • Customize charges triggers: on account creation, on invoice generation, daily, charge dependencies etc.
  • Allows proration of charges
  • Several charges can be added for every plan – set up fee, monthly fee, others


This component enables the management of the most complex taxation cases.

Core features include:
  • Manage a database of tax tax jurisdictions
  • Create/ modify/copy/delete taxes
  • Support for up to 4 tax levels
  • Manage tax jurisdiction which provides authority to specific tax levels per tax
  • Use variable or absolute tax calculation base - it may be a percentage rate or a flat rate
  • Custom tax determination criteria based on: Bill To number , Call From number , Call To number
  • Granular assignment of taxes to charges

Usage Counters

This component enables the usage of custom volume and occurrence counters.

Core features include:
  • Create/modify/copy/delete usage counters
  • Support for both per minute or per occurrence usage counters
  • Assign Usage Counter Tariff to rate calls
  • Manage counter tax base
  • Reset usage counter value

Split Usage Charges (Call Area Zones)

This component enables call rating by multiple calling zones.

Core features include:
  • Possibility to define up to five call zones - Local Calls zone , Local Toll Calls zone, Local Distance Calls zone, International Calls zone
  • Allows ANI based billing of Toll Free numbers


This component provides crucial information about the business activities managed by the system.

Reports are grouped logically in categories based on their content.
  • Revenue Assurance Reports provide information about financial transactions and account critical balances.
  • Usage Reports provide historical information of the voice traffic on the system.
  • Trend Reports allow for easy visual trends analysis of the service usage.
  • On Demand Reports allow the management of on demand sessions in real time.
  • Agent reports provide full information for the activities of Agents.
  • Configuration Audit Reports allow users to control the settings of the system.

Core reports provided by the system include:
  • Critical Balances Report
  • Receivables Aging Report
  • Profitability Report
  • Negative Margins Report
  • Failed Calls Report
  • Traffic Report
  • Current Sessions
  • Daily Sessions
  • Daily Invoices
  • Traffic Distribution Report
  • Provider Reports
  • Customer Reports
  • Configurations Audit Reports

Routes Costing

This component provides priority based routing to discover provider costs. The functionality feeds cost information to enhance the revenue assurance reporting.

Core features include:
  • Define multiple VoIP Carriers
  • Define provider tariff rates tables
  • Calculate metered termination costs and profitability

Routes Provisioning

The component allows for configuring priority based routing and provisioning 3rd party switching equipment and route costing. The functionality abstracts the routing configuration GUI from the underlying switching equipment by providing common APIs thus allowing simultaneous provisioning of heterogeneous VoIP networks.

Core features include:
  • Define multiple VoIP Carriers
  • Determinate providers’ gateways or network nodes
  • Upload or export provider tariff rates tables
  • Manage ingress/egress number translation rules
  • Define route prioritization mechanisms: longest match, priority, cost, quality
  • Provision 3rd party VoIP switching equipment: Asterisk, Yate etc.
  • Real-time redundant routing engine provisioned from the Configuration tier.

Agent commissioning System

The component allows access to powerful partner commissioning functionalities.

Core features include:
  • Manage commissioning for agents
  • Define custom granular commission structure
  • Track and audit agent activity
  • Generate Agent settlement reports


This component enables creation of application partitions for different resellers.

Core features include:
  • Providing for tiered billing.
  • Custom reseller branding.
  • Separation of system access
  • Customized Branding

Web Services API

This component allows management of all aspects of the accounts functionality via web services interface.

Core features include:
  • Option for 3rd parties to develop their custom CRM systems on top of the system
  • Secure WS abstraction layer for remote account management via XML.

  • Subscriber CRM Portal
Built on top of the Web Services API this component allows end-users to access the system through a web portal with the username and the password that are set up for their accounts.

Core functionalities that are accessible through the CRM portal are:
  • Review Call history
  • Download CDRs
  • View Plan details
  • View Rates
  • Check Balance
  • Perform Transactions
  • Download invoices.

AAA and Routing Engine

The engine provides AAA and routing API for easy integration with third party switches.

Core features include:
  • Provisioned from the OSS system
  • Can work in redundant active/active setup
  • Can be easily integrated in PHP, Perl, C/C++ and other voice applications.

YATE Prepaid, Postpaid Carrier Interconnect Application

This component enables prepaid and postpaid wholesale interconnect business models. Utilizing the capabilities of YATE the system provides a turnkey solution for a gamut of VoIP business models.

Core features include:
  • Real time call authentication, authorization, and accounting
  • Multiple call authentication mechanisms
  • SIP/H323 translation
  • Real time priority based routing with hunting of up to 5 routes.

Asterisk AAA Prepaid Card Application

This component enables prepaid calling card services based on Asterisk.

Core features include:
  • PHP based AGI application for real time AAA Prepaid Calling Cards call authorization and billing
  • Real time call authentication, authorization, and accounting
  • PIN-less (ANI,DNIS) authentication

Asterisk Callback Application

This component enables callback services based on Asterisk.

Core features include:
  • PHP based AGI application for real time call back authorization and billing
  • Web/ANI/email/sms2email triggered callback
  • Generation and billing of 2 calls
  • Connect to external database for authentication and authorization

Asterisk Real Time Routing with Call Authorization

This component enables wholesale termination based on Asterisk.

Core features include:
  • Asterisk real time engine patch.
  • Implements real time routing with multiple priorities.

Third party Connectors

The system provides ready connectors to some of the most popular third commercial party switches.
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