FXO card for Asterisk System

AX100P is a one port FXO analog card for capturing a standard analog phone line into your Linux server
with Asterisk PBX software. The AX100P Asterisk card supports FXS Loopstart and "Kewlstart" signaling
It can detect ringing and remote hangup and fully supports Pseudo-TDM bridging through Zaptel.
The AX100P Asterisk card is fully supported by Asterisk PBX for both incoming and outgoing calls


  • Analog card for Asterisk PBX
  • Support Asterisk PBX and zaptel driver
  • Support one analog port
  • CallerID / BusyTone detection
  • Suitable for SOHO PBX / VoiceMail / IVR.
  • Timing device for trunking / conference / MusicOnHold
  • Starter device to study Asterisk PBX


  1. 100% compatible with Digium's X100P card.
  2. Be detected as "X100".
  3. CallerID / BusyTone detection.
  4. Suitable for SOHO PBX / VoiceMail / IVR.
  5. Timming device for trunck / conference / MusicOnHold.
  6. Starter device to study Zaptel / Asterisk.
  7. Low cost channel for Fax server / Fax On Demand.
  8. Works with both DTMF and pulse dialing (decadic)

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