Quad ISDN BRI card for Asterisk PBX

AX4S Asterisk card is the telephony PCI card that support four ISDN BRI ports.
Using AX4S digital PRI card, open source Asterisk PBX and stand alone PC, users can create their IP PBX telephony solution include all the sophisticated features of traditional PBX, and extend features such as voicemail in IP PBX.


  • Features:
    • 4 Basic Rate Interface ports (I.421) for TE and NT mode
    • Hardware DTMF detection
    • Conference Bridge
    • Point-to-Point (TE/NT) and Point-to-Multipoint (TE/NT) Euro ISDN protocol stack
    • Suitable for 3.3 volts and 5.0 volts 32 bit PCI 2.2 slots


  • Applications:
    • ISDN least cost router
    • Voice over IP BRI termination gateways
    • IVR system
    • Traditional Calls/VoIP Calls Conference

  • Hardware requirement:
    • 1.6-Ghz Pentium IV
    • 512 MB RAM
    • 3.3V or 5V PCI 2.2 slot

  • PCI card dimension:
    • 95mm (height) × 120mm (Length)

Contact ATCOM:

ATCOM Technology co., LTD.
Address: A2F , Block 3 ,Huangguan Technology Park , #21 Tairan 9th Rd, Chegongmiao , Futian District , Shenzhen China
Tel: +(86)755-23487618
Fax: +(86)755-23485319

European Distribution:

Alsacecom | VoIP Product Reseller - France and EU Distribution.
IPChitChat UK and European Distributor for Atcom Digital cards and Atcom AX-4S

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