The AYCTelecom IPcts system combines a Telephone PBX system with the functionality of an IP Telephony system encased in a 1U 19" chassis being either rack, wall or desktop mountable. So it can be installed into any existing or 'green field' environment.

The complete solution is built up of a system and then optional plug in 'Trunk Line Card's'.

IPcts - System 16 x 25 base unit
IPcts-E - System 24 x 50 base unit
IPcts-VoIPTa - System SIP phones (Polycom IP 300)
IPcts-VoIPTb - System SIP phones (Clipcomm CP-100D)
IPcts-VoIPTe - System SIP phones (Polycom IP 501)
IPcts-AT4 - Internal 4 port Analogue trunk line card
IPcts-VoIPG4 - External 4 port SIP gateway units for analogue use (Boscom Claro 3030)
IPcts-VoIPG8 - External 8 port SIP gateway units for analogue use (Boscom Claro 3030)
IPcts-VoIPG4BRI - 4 port/8 channel BRI ISDN trunk line card (Axtan IPCallBox Branch)
IPcts-VoIPG1PRI - 1 port/24 channel PRI ISDN trunk line card (Axtan IPCallBox Central)

The system is available with English, French, German, Italian and Spanish voice prompts.


Canada - AYC Canada
France - MyPhoneCall
Germany - MyPhoneCall
Latin America - AYC Latin America
North America - AYC America
UK - Zycko

Certified Resellers

UK - Computerised Business Systems Limited


UK/Worldwide - VoIPon Solutions

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