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VoIP Hardware Zycoo UC Solutions
  • Modular Design IP PBX for SMB
  • Remote office Centralized Management solution
  • 3rd party app integration, Enterprise Billing, Android & iOS client
Yeastar Communications Solutions
  • Cost-effective IP-PBX Solution for SMB
  • FXS, FXO, GSM, BRI and PRI VoIP Gateways
  • Rich features and reliable performance
Aastra's SIP phones have multiline appearances and support functions like busy lamp fields and shared lines. They also have an XML API for application development and there are lots of free 3rd party applications available.

Aastra also has a couple of small business appliances that are powered by Asterisk and Microsoft.

SIP Phones

The CT models include a cordless phone along with the base phone.

  • 67xxi Wallmount Bracket - Wall mount bracket which allows for simple and efficient installation of multiple models of Aastra IP phones.

  • 6735i - 5 line text display - 6 softkeys, 6 programmable keys, gigabit ethernet
  • 6737i - Dual 5 line text display, 12 softkeys, gigabit ethernet
  • 6739i - Color graphical display, resistive touch screen

  • 6757i - Dual 5 line text display, 12 softkeys
  • 6757i CT - Includes cordless handset (North America / Australia / New Zealand only)
  • 6755i - 5 line text display - 6 softkeys, 6 programmable keys
  • 6753i - 3 line text display - programmable buttons
  • 6751i - lobby phone

  • 6731i **New entry level phone
  • 6730i Similar to 6731i except no support for PoE and only 1 ethernet port.

  • 9480i - 5 line text display, 6 softkeys
  • 9480i CT - Includes cordless handset (North America / Australia / New Zealand only)
  • 9143i - 3 line text display, programmable keys

Expansion Modules

Up to 3 expansion modules are supported without extra external power supply.
  • M670i (previously 536M) - For the 53i, 55i, 57i, 57i CT and 39i. Provides 36 additional keys with LED status display.
  • M675i (previously 560M) - For the 55i, 57i, 57i CT and 39i. Provides 3 pages of 20 softkeys with LED status, and a 144x128 backlit LCD display.

Wireless SIP phones

Older Models

Caution: These older phones don't work with the newer 2.x firmware. They use the 1.4.x firmware.

Small Business PBX Appliances

AastraLink RP - Microsoft Response Point based Product Description (discontinued Aug 2010)
AastraLink Pro - Asterisk based system Product Description

Aastra Configuration Tools

  • gsyn.ch permanently synchronizes Google Contacts with all Aastra SIP phones and other devices, e.g. Grandstream IP phones.

XML Applications

Useful Tips

  • NOTE: There is a configuration option in the older phones that is incompatible with Asterisk 1.6.X and prevents these phones from working. You should avoid using "sip session timer" with any value other than 0.

Aastra also makes analog phones that support the ADSI interface. Asterisk developers need these codes to control the display: ADSI FDNs & Security Codes

Button Label Printer

Asterisk solutions shipping with Aastra phones

  • Schmooze - Speech Rec, Voice dialing and some very cool use of the Aastra XML api.

Where to buy

Resellers USA

Distributors USA
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Resellers Canada
Distributors Canada
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  • Gentek (Concord, ON) Distributor of Broadband, Network and VoIP Equipment - Canadian Distributor for Aastra
  • Wesbell - distributes Aastralink RP

Distributors Europe

Resellers Europe

Outside USA/Canada/Europe

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