Aastra 480i User Reports

Aastra 480i User reports

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Apr 9 2009 (frisketdog)
These phones have been replaced by the 9480i models which run the 2.x stream of firmware. Please visit the Aastra page for the latest models of phones.

Jan 31 2007 (IronHelix)
These phones rock. Build quality is excellent, I've not had the crashing problem many seem to have. They've always been pretty solid in my experience. I've found the documentation useful, it's certainly quite a bit better than many others provide. Support responds quickly, although bugfixes take a bit longer. These phones aren't as good on the open Internet (no SRTP/sips, config files can be encrypted but no HTTPS) and there is no custom ring tone support (although there is distinctive ring support with the warble ringers built into the phone). However, these phones are awesome in an office or home environment if you know what you're doing. Also have to mention the speakerphone- these phones have an AMAZING full duplex speakerphone-- good enough that often the remote party cannot tell that they are on speaker. I highly recommend AAstra phones in general, especially if NAT is not involved.

January 31 2007 (KMorley)
I'm using a dozen of the Aastra 480i IP phones with firmware version and they are performing very, very well. This is a reasonably priced, full featured, high-quality IP phone designed to stand up to business use. The latest fimrware is stable and, so far, there's absolutely nothing I haven't been able to get the phone to do. The only downside is that the Aastra documentation is either incomplete, wrong or doesn't apply to the current firmware. The documentation is useable, but just barely. Aastra tech support is responsive, but the documentation they work from is the same, so they frequently aren't much help.

2006-10-29 (kheston)
Pulled out all Aastra equipment at a client site that was having lockup/freeze issues with every one of their 480i CTs and 9133i sets. Replaced them with Polycom sets. This is a MAJOR BUG present in firmware releases 1.3.x and 1.4.0. At time of this writing, Aastra had been aware of the issue for over a month. So far, fix is not available in beta release v1.4.1. See http://groups.google.com/group/Aastra-480i-Users or http://forums.digium.com/viewtopic.php?t=9864 for more details.

2005-10-18 (justhamade)
Have been using this phone since firmware 1.0, 1.2.1 was a good upgrade, and 1.3.x better but there are some serious issues with audio quality that need to be resolved still. 1.3 There were many features added, like xml services, and BLF (Busy Lamp Field) but the changes to the audio that were made seems to be really buggy. I have many users that comlain that the far end is complaining that they are hard to heard, sound tinny, and just poor quality overall. I have cisco 7960 and polycom 501s on the network with same * box and the quality of these phones is much better. The 480i is a decent phone that does work, but the polycom 501 beats it hands down for the same price point. Now that cisco/linksys/sipura has come out with the 941 we will be able to get a "cisco" quality phone for a low price without the licensing fees. Summary Aastra 480i is still a work in progress, stay away from it for now.

2005-10-18 (dougmeredith)
With firmware this phone is really quite usable now. Read the limitations listed on the main page before you buy it. The only problem I have encountered is that at one point it stopped accepting calls. I was playing around with the new DND functionality shortly before this happened, so maybe the phone got confused.

2005-08-22 (dbruce)
Firmware version is now available on the Aastra Enterprise IP download site.

2005-08-21 (www.netmanage.net)
We are using 15 of the CT480i IP phones w/ asterisk and they are working flawlessly after the firmware fix to 1002. One question for all — has anyone figured out how to program a call forward button?? (Seems the easiest thing got overlooked in the firmware). Word from Aastra is that Busy Lamping will be around sometime in October (keep your fingers crossed!!)

2005-08-03 (dbruce)
Firmware version has been released by Sayson. This firmware resolves issues with phone lockup after a transfer.
This updated firmware is available from support@sayson.com. It is not yet available on the Aastra Enterprise IP download site.

2005-08-03 (frisketdog)
Warning to Asterisk users. Don't upgrade to firmware version .162 (the version available on Aastra's website). There has been a reported issue with Asterisk servers that causes the phone to hang after transfering a call. Upgrade to version instead.

2005-07-30 (dbruce)
Firmware downloads for Aastra Enterprise IP Products (480i/480I CT/9112i/9133i) are now publicly available directly from Aastra

2005-07-25 (killercoder)
Updated firmware FC-0032-01-03.st

  • Callers list works
  • Redial list works
  • Directory works
  • Intercom - not tested assumed working

Cordless version of the 480i is now available - if a little pricey

I cannot confirm features coming in a later release

2005-07-17 (frisketdog)
Updated Firmware coming end of July
SIP firmware 1.0 for the 480i was released at the beginning of 2005 with a limited feature set. Here's what's coming end of July:
  • Callers list
  • Redial list
  • Directory
  • Intercom (using Alert-Info)

Also launching 2 lower cost IP phones - 9133i and 9112i, plus a cordless version of the 480i called the 480i CT Cordless.

2004-12-30 (dbruce)
New firware released: FC-0032-01-00 (
    • Firmware update issue introduced with v1.0.0.67 has been resolved.
    • Sayson has confirmed that v1.0.0.78 is now the official v1.0 release.
    • Firmware upgrade procedure has been changed so that, on boot/reboot, the phone will only download a new firmware image if it differs from its current image.
    • phone no longer stops registering after periods of network outage.

2004-12-16 (dbruce)
New firware released: FC-0032-01-B1 (
CAUTION: If you upgrade the phone using the web interface, you MUST reset the phone to factory defaults before you reboot the phone. If you fail to reset the phone to factory defaults before doing the upgrade, the TFTP server used for the upgrade MUST be available or the phone will fail to boot and will lock at the boot logo.

New Features:
    • Line appearances increased to 9 lines (sip lineX ... now supports 1 - 9 and lines 5 - 9 are accessed as softkeys using softkey type "line" and values 5 - 9)
    • new default dialplan
    • remote ringback (early audio) support
    • silence supression

    • using "qualify=" in sip.conf no longer disables the phone (apparently fixed in
    • "sip registration time:" parameter (broken in past firmware releases) has been changed to "sip registration period:"
    • softkey types have been reduced to "line" and "speeddial" only. Valid values for the "line" type have been changed.
    • Administration guide has been updated (and changed to PDF format) and no longer indicates "BETA" status. As of 2004-12-17, Sayson has not yet confirmed that the firmware is no longer considered to be BETA.

Outstanding issues:
    • "redial" hard key no longer functions
    • Distinctive ring is still not supported
    • XML programming is still unsupported

2004-12-03 (saysonTech)
Also please keep in mind that the dial plan set to "x+#" dials only extension numbers and not IP numbers. If you want to include IP numbers please use this pattern for the dial plan "x+#|xx+*".

The MWI used to display the incorrect message number because the sip packet that was received from * contained the incorrect header
filed name for reporting voicemail messages. This has been rectified in the * code and the current * cvs has the code for that. Please refer to http://bugs.digium.com/bug_view_page.php?bug_id=0002793 for more information about the fix.
Cursor: Can you tell what kind of message was sent to the 480i that makes it hang? Please contact the support team at sayson with your problem description.

2004-12-02 (cursor)
There is new firmware in the Sayson support site. It is not up to version There are many fixes (the readme is now included in the zip file you download). The most important ones I can see right away are:

- The MWI now displays the correct number of messages (the problem is that the phone still hangs when there is a new message)
- You can now modify the diaplan to: "x+#" and you will be able to dial any number with any amount of digits.

2004-11-26 (elegallais)
Here is the documentation for the changes; firmware



2004-11-23 (elegallais)
With this new firmware, AAstra's logo appears when the phone boots (instead of Spherical's). As for the "10 digit numbers bug", support team at Sayson told me that adding that line in the aastra.cfg file would solve the problem:

sip dial plan: "911|011xx+#|101xx+#|1[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|xx+*|xx+#|*xxx+#|#xx+#"

...but it never really worked. I kept it in the file hoping that a future firmware would solve the problem.

2004-11-23 (Cursor)
There is new firmware on the Sayson support site: I can see no difference with the previous version and there is no documentation for the changes. All the bugs are still there, phone still hangs when poked, when it receives voicemail, can only dial 10 digit numbers, etc.

_2004-11-10__ (Rich Adamson)
Posted review on the Asterisk-users mailing list

2004-11-03 (cursor)
Everytime you upgrade firmware you have to reboot the phone after the first time you load. Only then you can see the changes for the new firmware. Next time you boot your phone you will see the correct firmware version in the Phone Status section.

2004-10-28 (defiance)
I found a newer firmware release on their dealer website. It is labled as 0032-01-A7. I reboot my phone and it appears to be loading the new file, When I check the firmware version on the phone it says I am still at version 0032-01-A4, but I believe this is a bug because there is noticible difference in the behavior of my phone. Most notably is that in the previos firmware, when I programmed a softkey for speed dial it would not work over speakerphone. I would have to hit the key and then pick up my handset to hear the call, as of this new firmware release it works properly. Another difference is that now My softkeys only work in the 1,2,and 3 position, 4,5,and 6 do not show up anymore.

2004_10_26 (dbruce)
With firmware release 0032-01-A4, you can define more than 6 softkeys... with more than 6 softkeys defined, softkey 6 changes to a "more" button and the additional softkeys are displayed with a 'back" button in the softkey 3 position. With more than 9 softkeys defined both a "back" and "more" button appears...

Also, the softkey types have changed. The new values are now "line", "blf" (busy lamp field), "voicemail"(deprecated as of firmware, "forward" or "speeddial". Of these, "blf" and "forward" are not yet implimented.

The voicemail notification message that Asterisk sends to the phone is not fully compatible with the 480i. The standard MWI NOTIFY message that Asterisk sends will turn on the MWI light and display an envelope icon on the display screen with the number 0 (zero) beside it. This is because asterisk sends a NOTIFY message with "Voicemail: 1/0" while the 480i expects "Voice-Message: 1/0" in accordance with RFC3842 (Standards Track - August 2004).

2004-09-27 (cursor)
I just noticed that there is new firmware on the Sayson site. Firmware Release 0032-01-A4
I do not know what is fixed as there is no documentation but now when the phone is booting you can see a progess bar.
They have fixed the browser issue as you can now use Mozilla to browse the web configurator.
There are new options listed in the aastra.cfg file:

softkey1 type: offhook
softkey1 label: vmail
softkey1 value: *89
softkey6 type: onhook
softkey6 label: key6
softkey value: 6666

2004-08-09 (danimal317)
A few frustrations with this phone (firmware 0.0.1, Release 0032-01-A0):
  • Entering SIP information directly into the phone via the screen, doesn't seem to work. After reset the SIP info is lost. Other information such as NTP and Network seems to work.
  • The web configurator sucks, it only works with IE on Windows. Then after lowering myself to the level of a Windows user I discover that the settings you can actually change via the web are very limited.

I have a 480i connected to my Asterisk server at home, and all is well. Hold works, but is local to the phone, and does not hold via the * server. Conference works, and you can drop one call, or both. Transfer is acting up a bit. Message lamp works with voicemail.

The phone looks very promising, but with the current software revision at 0.0.1, there are obviously many bugs and lack of features. The "Services", "Icom", and the programmable softkeys do nothing yet. The dialplan currently has a nine digit limit, so anything more cannot be dialed. It also seems to lose registration with the SIP server occasionally.

Will post more details, pictures, and configs as time allows.
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