Aastra Phones Release Archive

This page contains an archive of Aastra IP phone releases. This information was moved from the Aastra 480i page in an effort to make it more readable.

Release 1.4 - May 2006

  • International call progress tones
  • Priority alerting
  • Directed call pickup
  • Enhanced VLAN and QOS
  • Customizable redial and conference key
  • Disabling call waiting and stutter message waiting tone
  • Silent ringtone
  • Configurable call park and call pickup
  • Configurable SIP registration retry timer
  • Supportability enhancement

Release 1.3.1 - February 2006

  • Context-sensitive softkeys - per-call state softkeys
  • Hospitality Feature Suite - ability to disable certain phone features and hard keys (eg redial, callers list)
  • Per-line outbound proxy configuration
  • Per-line ring tones
  • XML enhancements including customizable softkeys
  • Use Icom key to make intercom calls via Asterisk
  • Speed dial using the BLF key
  • Ability to turn off DTMF playback when dialling - faster speed dialling
  • AutoSync - once a day apply firmware and/or configuration changes
  • Germal and Italian languages added

  • Voice quality (tx level) issue resolved
  • Keypad remains active when second line is ringing

Release 1.3


  • XML API XML API Document from Aastra's site
  • Obtain configuration via FTP or HTTP or TFTP
  • Allows hostnames for FTP and HTTTP servers
  • Allows encrypted configuration files Encryption Tool from Aastra's site
  • Web interface enhancements
  • Allows multiple proxies to be used
  • Call forwarding (phone-side)
  • 480i Busy lamp field 'BLF' support (BroadSoft? servers and Asterisk) (Wahooo...;-))
  • Changeable default configuration parameters
  • Auto-answer (has been in firmware all along)

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