AastraLink RP

Aastralink RP - Microsoft Response Point Powered Small Business Phone System

The Aastralink RP is a small business phone system from Aastra for those looking for a very simple and easy to use solution. It has a speech driven interface for things like dialing and call handling.

Components include
1. Base Unit - running Microsoft Response Point software
2. IP phones - Special versions of Aastra SIP phones that have the Microsoft blue button added for accessing the speech rec system
3. Gateway - Optional components for connecting to the PSTN or analog devices

The Base Unit


  • Appliance with no moving parts (fanless no HDD)
  • Supports up to 50 users
  • Auto Attendant with speech recognition
  • Voicemail with email integration
  • Remote worker
  • Current Firmware: SP2

IP Phones


The IP phones available for Response Point are special versions of Aastra's SIP phones customized for Microsoft Response Point. Features include:
  • Plug and Play auto-discovery
  • Microsoft RP Blue Button - Activates speech command system for dialing and call handling
  • Configuration via Microsoft Administrator as well as Phone Web UI
  • Integration with Microsoft Response Point Desktop application
  • PoE support with 2 switched Ethernet ports
  • XML API for writing custom applications


Response point gateways are available from Aastra and Quintum. These are plug and play and can be configured from the Microsoft Response Point administrator. But since the Response Point system supports SIP trunking, the base unit can sit behind an Asterisk, any SIP gateway or any SIP trunking service.

  • Aastra RP 540 Gateway
    • 4 PSTN (FXO) ports
    • Stackable for saleability
    • Auto discovery / plug and play
  • Quintum Tenor AF - 2, 4, 6 or 8 PSTN (FXO or FXS) ports. Works with lines and analog end points like faxes or phones.
  • Quintum Tenor DX - 2, 4, 6 or 8 T1/E1/PRI Digital Ports


  • SIP Trunk Bundle
    • 1 Aastralink Base Unit
    • 3 x 6753i phones
    • MSRP - $1800 (only in US)
  • PSTN bundle
    • 1 Base Unit
    • 1 RP 540 Gateway
    • 1 6751i RP
    • 1 6753i RP
    • 1 6757i CT RP
    • MSRP - $2,400

IP Trunking Providers

Microsoft RP has out of the box support for SIP trunking providers including:

Of course you can manually configure the RP system to work with any SIP service provider.

Where to buy

Resellers in the US
Buy Online at CI Gear VoIP Store: Ships across USA and Globally
Buy Online at Telco Depot - AastraLink RP; Expert Sales and Technical support with sales, installation and user training videos, Same day shipment. Also check our complete line of Phone Systems solutions.

Distributors in the US


Resellers in Canada
Buy Online at CI Gear VoIP Store: Ships across Canada and Globally
SMB Phone Systems
TieUs Technology

Distributors in Canada


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