Abilis is a reliable and compact telecom equipment and an integrated solution for enterprises. Its hardware is based on the most recent PC components.
Abilis software is fully real-time (embedded operating system) and fully written by the Abilis developers.

Abilis is "All-in-one" as it offers the following features and services:

  • Internet and VPN router
  • SoftPBX and ISDN switchboard
  • Hypervisor (for Virtual Machines)
  • VoIP Gateway supporting SIP and IAX2
  • T.38 fax relaying
  • ISDN BRI/PRI and POTS (up to 1024) interfaces
  • GSM and UMTS gateway
  • Firewall and NAT
  • Mail, FTP, SMS, LDAP servers
  • Data traffic analyser
  • Service accounting
  • Building-automation controller
  • Videorecorder for IP cameras

ABILIS is the only VoIP Gateway providing backup over ISDN-2 for 16 VoIP
calls with no degradation of service.

The ABILIS SoftPBX functions are fully available to any telephone, not just to VoIP phones but also to analogue and ISDN phones.
The optional VMX (Virtual-Machines-Server) allows users to run their own software on the Abilis hardware, thus saving electical power and minimising the investment and the installation.

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