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Can I advertise on Voip-info?

Yes - contact support@voip-info.org or click here for more info.

What software does Voip-info use?


How can I help?

Primarily by creating or editing content.

I have an idea for improving the site...

Great! send an email to support@voip-info.org.

Why don't you use MediaWiki like Wikipedia?

Actually this is not a frequent question, but I wanted to answer it anyway because I ask it to myself often! MediaWiki's biggest advantage is the wide familiarity of its editing interface. But at the time voip-info was created, Wikipedia didn't have anywhere near the mindshare it does now, and Mediawiki was a lot harder to install then. Functionality wise Wikipedia does less than many other popular wiki packages. Wikipedia has been designed for speed, and simplicity. My vision for voip-info.org is more of an integrated whole, with Blogs, Forums, Wiki, etc all sharing a common data structure, and a single authentication method. Drupal is the closest other content management system with similar goals, but its Wiki functionality is currently very poor to non-existent. I see Bitweaver as the best path for voip-info at the moment, although I reevaluate that decision frequently

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Send an email to support@voip-info.org
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