Activa for Asterisk

The Activa package includes an Asterisk TAPI Service Provider (TSP) we called Asterisk ActivaTSP. This TSP enables integration of TAPI third party applications and Asterisk. So for instance you could initiate outbound calls through Asterisk using your Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Dialer, ACT!, TapiCall and many more. Call screen-popup is also supported. The TSP itself has been developed using the basic ASTProvider framework.

The package also includes a basic framework that enables integration of Asterisk with your C++ applications

Current version readme:

We invite you to download the package, configure ActivaTSP and try it.

What is Activa TSP ?

Generally speaking a TAPI Service Provider (TSP) is a 'driver' that enables Microsoft TAPI to communicate to a telephony device such as a switch or modem.

So Activa Asterisk TSP enables TAPI and TAPI-compatible applications to use the Asterisk IP-PBX: Microsoft Outlook, ACT!, TapiCall, MS Dialer,...

Activa FAQ:

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