IAX2 Phone ActiveX Control(MVBPHONE.ocx)

We supply a free iax activex control.You can use it to develope your softphone and callcenter product in VB/VC/C#/HTML/DELPHI and other language only taken 30 minutes.

You can download IAXOCX from

If you send me a email for getting demo codes about using IAXOCX in VB/VC/C#/HTML,I will reply you quickly.

These are some sample codes.

Using IAXOCX in VC

Using IAXOCX in vb

Using IAXOCX in WEB browser

Manager API and FastAGI ActiveX Control(MVBCTI.ocx)

Do you have some problem with asterisk manager API and FastAGI in windows system?

We now made a ActiveX control named as MVBCTI.It includes both Manager API and FastAGI server.

We supply free edition and professional edition.You can use free edition to build application with popupscreen ,
clickdial,hangup,getdevicestatus functions.The professional edition have more functions and events than free.
If you want to use the professional edition of MVBCTI,you need pay some fee.

You can download the free edition and API document from

These are some sample codes.

Using MVBCTI ActiveX for CTI and IVR SERVER

The download center for us at




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