Adding worldwide cellular service to Asterisk

Many Asterisk administrators are interested in integrating cellular service into Asterisk, whether for their own users inside an enterprise, or for service providers who resell the service to end users.
telna Mobile's new wholesale program allows just that: telna Mobile provides standard GSM SIM cards with coverage in over 170 countries. Individual extensions in Asterisk (whether internal extensions or external DIDs) can then be linked via SIP to the telna Mobile card, so that the user is reachable both on their Asterisk VOIP phone and one their GSM mobile phone. Calls dialed from the mobile handset can be sent back to the Asterisk implementation, to allow use of a custom dialplan and private numbering used by large enterprises.

The service can also be used by service provider to build a cellular service that can be sold to user bases in developing economies where such services are very popular.
Created by: telna, Last modification: Wed 04 of Nov, 2009 (23:59 UTC)
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