Adhearsion - Ruby and Asterisk


The stickiest integrator yet

Adhearsion is an open-source, unconventional framework that ties technologies together neatly. Of these, Adhearsion is most noted as being “adhesion you can hear” for integrating VoIP by building atop the fantastic Asterisk PBX software by Digium. With Adhearsion, many tasks in VoIP engineering are improved, such as writing call-processing instructions, integrating with on-phone menu browsers, using databases, and integrating the many aspects of the big picture. The improvements Adhearsion offers build upon Asterisk’s potential without losing any functionality.

Adhearsion is written in Ruby and lets those even without any VoIP experience write applications intuitively and productively or simply download and use a pre-written solution. With the framework extension architecture, VoIP functionality can now be actually traded around – an issue the VoIP industry has always suffered from. Existing helpers standard with Adhearsion range from Jabber/XMPP instant messaging integration (works with Gmail/GTalk messaging too), a distributed computing server for remotely controlling your PBX (or calling other helpers), weather fetching, and remote Xbox Media Center controlling, to name a few. These all work anywhere in the framework, thus Adhearsion “adheres” these technologies together. What’s more, integrating your own extensions with these helpers or Adhearsion itself is extremely easy.
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