Advanced Hunt Group

To setup a callgroup (aka huntgroup) is something trivial in most modern day pbx, so any call entering the group can be "hunted" by any other user belonging to the same group. What is no trivial at all is telling the intercepting user from who is the call coming from, much less the user who was originally targeted. This forces the user to hunt blindly, which is far from optimal.

Ideally, and advanced hunt group would present the user with information about the call in progress, the source and ani, and even, when they are several calls entering simulteneously on the PBX, have the possibility to choose on the screen of the phone wich call to hunt. This behavious is very appreciatted in enviromements with departments, or in a secretary-boss configuration.


Getting this behaviour on a phone can be quite complex, since it would depend on browsers capabilities and feautures of the phone, but can be implemented, trought some complex scripting, on most modern phones that admits mini-browsers capabilites.

An example of this scripting can be found at Asterisk Arena, as well as detailed instructions about the feauture usage..

Created by: agorosti, Last modification: Thu 12 of Mar, 2009 (12:24 UTC)
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